The new Range Rover Sport offers both luxury and power bundled into one pristine package. The car comes with adaptive dynamics, which monitor your driving and road conditions so that the car can react quickly and appropriately.

The headlights come with LED bulbs and are designed to give you the best headlight option for every circumstance. The engine is as fuel efficient as possible while also delivering the best performance for an SUV of the Sport's size. With its impressive all-wheel drive and all-terrain technology, the car is a superb choice for off-roading of any kind.

The vehicle can even shrink itself by 1.9 inches in order to easily fit through a parking garage or other low clearance areas.

Make sure you check out these impressive features for yourself. You're sure to be thoroughly impressed with how the Range Rover Sport performs on the road. You can visit Land Rover El Paso in El Paso, TX to take a test drive today.

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