What Kinds of Brake Pads Work With SUV's?

Brake pads are tough, long-suffering members of your braking system. Formed from durable materials, brake pads must apply thousands of pounds of pressure to the rotors day in and day out. The rotors are disk-shaped metal parts that connect to the wheels. When the pads press against the rotors, friction and heat work to slow the vehicle down.

The three main kinds of brake pads include:

  • Organic Pads: Organic brake pads are formed from a variety of materials that include organic fibers, Kevlar, and polymer binders. Organic pads are known for their smoooth braking action.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic pads are made from ceramic particles bonded with polymers and metal fibers. They are famous for their heat-transferrance capabilities.
  • Sintered: Sometimes called metallic pads, sintered pads are made of powdered metals like brass, copper, and steel. These non-ferrous metals are decent heat-conductors and work well even in extreme environmental conditions.

While any pad-type works with most SUV's, vehicle manufacturers design specific brake pads to work with specific vehicles. To ensure compatibility, it helps to get the opinions of professional brake technicians, and at our El Paso facility we employ expert and experienced brake-system specialists. To get assistance with selecting your next set of pads, visit our service center at Land rover El Paso today for a quick, no-obligation conversation.

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