Heads up, everyone. Driving requires that you look and observe the happenings around you. Distractions come up, averting your eyes from the road and the possibility of avoiding an accident. The popular 2018 Range Rover has you covered.

Highways, streets, roads – whatever you travel on you know an object or person may pop-up out of the blue; people cross into traffic or cars pull around you. Are you prepared for the unknown, or are you worried about your speed? With the 2018 Range Rover, keeping your eyes straight ahead is no problem as this luxury SUV’s Head-up Display shows you your speed or alerts you to an upcoming sharp turn. Additionally, the Range Rover keeps you and your loved ones safe with its standard LED headlights, improving your visibility.

While you are in El Paso, TX, come to visit Land Rover El Paso to learn more and take a test drive.

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