What is a Differential and How Does It Work?

The car's differential houses gears and fluid that need to work together perfectly for the transmission to be able to get power to the drive shafts. There are a number of things that could go wrong, so spotting trouble early is a far less costly endeavor.

One of the reasons it is so important to have the differential serviced is because it has to work had to allow the steering to work perfectly. Each gear moves differently as the wheel turns, so low fluid or weak fluid compromises the entire functionality of the moving parts.

The fluids inside the differential keep those gears from getting too heated. If there is a leak or the fluids have not been changed in a long time, the gears could begin to grind.

Don't put off getting your vehicle serviced at Land Rover El Paso, the techs in our service center can spot trouble long before it becomes a roadside emergency.

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