Are Getting Summer Tires Better Than the All-Season Tires?

As the warmer weather approaches, the crew at Land Rover El Paso wanted to educate our community as to all the benefits of driving on summer tires instead of the all-season tires. In short, the summer tires will provide your vehicle better handling, increased braking ability, and even the ability to maneuver in corners safely.

The all-season tires have more in the way of grooves compared to summer tires. The lack of grooves is a good thing because fewer grooves on the summer tires mean more tread in contact with the road surface. More contact will actually help the car come to a stop faster and give you more control while braking.

The summer tires have a unique tread pattern that's designed to push water away from the tires to aid with traction.

Bring your car in to our service center here at Land Rover El Paso and we can swap out those all-season tires for a set of new summer tires.

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