There are a lot of perks to driving a vehicle with four-wheel drive. You get more traction on slippery roads, and you can go off-roading in places that you wouldn't dare to in a vehicle that doesn't have it. But are you sure that you're getting all of the benefits of your four-wheel drive? We want you to know exactly how to use four-high and four-low drive in your vehicle, so here's a quick tutorial.

Four-high drive is best used in ultra-difficult conditions, such as thick mud and heavy snow. It's also great for when you need to drive through water or down a steep path. But you should always drive below 40 miles per hour when using this function.

Four-low drive is great for everyday driving when the conditions are less than ideal. For instance, you can avoid slipping on ice, packed gravel, and packed mud when you use four-low drive.

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