The 2019 Range Rover Sport Adds Connectivity

The Range Rover Sport is a luxury SUV that offers powerful performance, elegant styling, and convenient onboard storage. The 2019 line adds a sports grill in dark metal trim, a sports hood, and side air vents. The interior offers convenient and flexible storage areas.

El Paso drivers will appreciate the hidden storage areas under the cup-holders. These areas offer excellent use of space and keep items securely and out of sight.

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Range Rover Velar

The Range Rover Velar is one of the hottest midsize SUVs currently available. Range Rover has outdone itself on new styling and engine power, providing a much smoother handling experience than in previous versions of the SUV.

The Velar also comes standard with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that can put out 247-horsepower. You can also see the economy in the reports from Land Rover showing that it gets up to 27 miles per gallon at the base engine. 

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Why Your Car Should Be Covered

Covering your car is an easy and effective way to make sure that your vehicle is protected from the elements. For instance, it may be possible to keep it from collecting dust or pollen while in storage. If you keep your car in the street, a cover can keep it from getting stolen.

Covers may also be an effective tool for keeping the sun off of your paint job. 

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The 2018 Range Rover: Designed to Keep Your Head Up

Heads up, everyone. Driving requires that you look and observe the happenings around you. Distractions come up, averting your eyes from the road and the possibility of avoiding an accident. The popular 2018 Range Rover has you covered.

Highways, streets, roads – whatever you travel on you know an object or person may pop-up out of the blue; people cross into traffic or cars pull around you. 

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Light on Weight Not on Performance - Land Rover Discovery Sport

Looking to purchase a new SUV for your summer adventures with the family and want it to include great features, then the Land Rover Discovery Sport may be the SUV for you. The Land Rover Discovery Sport is one of the most popular in its class and below are two reasons why:

  • Aluminum Unibody- the Land Rover Discovery Sport was specifically engineered to be 1000 pounds lighter with an aluminum unibody allowing for greater performance. 
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Safety Conscious- Land Rover Discovery

In the market for a new 7-passenger SUV for your growing family and want it to include great safety features? Look no further than the all-new Land Rover Discovery, voted one of the most popular in its class and below are two reasons why:

  • Child Seat Latch- the Land Rover Discovery comes with as many as five anchor points making it easier to install child safety seats. The latches were specifically engineered to provide for easy car seat installation as well as ensuring the seat is firmly in place.
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Are Getting Summer Tires Better Than the All-Season Tires?

As the warmer weather approaches, the crew at Land Rover El Paso wanted to educate our community as to all the benefits of driving on summer tires instead of the all-season tires. In short, the summer tires will provide your vehicle better handling, increased braking ability, and even the ability to maneuver in corners safely.

The all-season tires have more in the way of grooves compared to summer tires. 

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What is a Differential and How Does It Work?

The car's differential houses gears and fluid that need to work together perfectly for the transmission to be able to get power to the drive shafts. There are a number of things that could go wrong, so spotting trouble early is a far less costly endeavor.

One of the reasons it is so important to have the differential serviced is because it has to work had to allow the steering to work perfectly. 

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Debunking Motor Oil Myths Can Ease Your Mind

Does separating the fact from the fiction always matter? Maybe not always, but when it comes to your motor oil, knowing the truth from the myth can help ease your mind. There are so many myths when it comes to motor oil that it can be difficult to keep straight what's real and what's not. To help you understand, here is one myth and the truth.

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Have You Ever Experienced Hydroplaning?

Safety while driving is something that every driver has to be constantly striving for due to the number of factors and conditions that can negatively affect the roads. One condition that drivers may indeed face at some point is hydroplaning. Understanding how to handle hydroplaning before you actually experience it will help to stay safe while driving.

Hydroplaning occurs when the weight of your car can't displace the water in front of the tires before it builds up. 

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